How safe is my desired neighborhood?



One of the top criteria of clients is safety of the neighborhood. This is relative. For some people the neighborhood feels safe as long as they are not stepping over needles in the alleys, while for others a neighborhood feels unsafe if they have to lock up their bicycles at night.

You can evaluate neighborhood safety online, but another good way is to ask the neighbors. When you are considering moving to a neighborhood it is wise to spend time there. Go to the neighborhood festivals and parades and fundraisers. Walk in the neighborhood at a time when you are likely to run into neighbors and can start up conversations easily (around 5:30 PM when most people get off work and are taking their dogs for some exercise!) Take your children to playgrounds in the neighborhood and strike up conversations with other parents. Not only will you glean important information about the neighborhood, but it just might be the start of lifelong friendships.

There are some good online resources to evaluate neighborhood crime.

Richmond city has a comprehensive resource to look at crime statistics.

Henrico‘s is pretty good, too!

Check on Chesterfield county neighborhood watch reports here.



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