Before and After

Work has begun on 818 N. 25th Street!  The demo team has removed most of the trash, drywall, and old cabinetry. The house is a shell now awaiting transformation.


This is the view from the back room on the lower floor. Picture a kitchen with bright white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, gleaming wood floor, and updated windows looking out onto a landscaped backyard.



This is the view of the exterior siding from the inside of the house.



This fireplace on the first floor was bricked up and presumably used with coal.  There is no telling how many coats of paint will have to be removed from the mantlepiece.



At least three layers of flooring are visible. Once the wood underneath has been stripped bare, Bryan Traylor, the contractor will decide whether it is in good enough condition to refinish or if it will have to be replaced with new or reclaimed hardwood floors that are historically appropriate for the period and size of the house.



The stairway is leaning precariously and the banister is missing a couple of its posts. A local carpenter will be hired to make replacements that match the original posts.



This is the chimney for the fireplace in the upstairs back bedroom. You can see it in the photograph at the top of this blog post. There are layers of blue, red, yellow, white, and black paint. All of these layers will be stripped away.



Cheerful as this pink is, it will be removed, as will be the bricks inside the fireplace. There is a pink door in the next bedroom, too.



Despite a few missing boards, from the interior of the home, the exterior siding doesn’t look in terrible shape.

Next up…the history of this home (and we can all try and guess who the homeowner was with the predilection for hot pink).

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