a non-traditional Thanksgiving

Things to do on Thanksgiving that do not involve cooking, eating, loading the dishwasher, and football (for those of us who do not have family in town or for those who do but would prefer something less traditional):

Fly a kite

Bike part of the Capital Trail

Go to the movies.  Yes, they will be open.

Go to the VMFA.

Run the Buttermilk Trail.

Boulder hop to middle of the James River, sit on a rock and think about everything for which you are grateful.

Volunteer at the Greater Richmond Convention Center to help feed those who might otherwise go hungry on Thanksgiving.  Yes, this involves cooking and probably a lot of dishwashing but it  fill you with the true spirit of Thanksgiving: community togetherness (all 3000 of you!)

Get outdoors.  Studies show that exercise in nature is good for your body and your mind.




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